Artist / Zineb Sedira

The negotiation of different worlds that collide and conflict is the overriding question in Sedira’s work. It is her Algerian heritage and her experience of living in London and France that gives her work its insight, shifting from the political to the emotional, from a sense of history to the present, and from East to West. Sedira’s video projection Saphir is set in the port of Algiers. The film is a meditation on arrivals and departures, movement and stasis, past and present, home and away. A similar sensitivity is apparent in these two works taken on a boat/ferry from Marseille to Algiers – strong architectural forms infused with light.

Zineb Sedira, A View to the Sea Zineb Sedira, A View to the Sea

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A View to the Sea, 2008, c-print (triptych), edition 1 of 5 +2AP, 50 x 61cm, image courtesy the artist..
Zineb Sedira, A View to the Sea