Artist / Zadok Ben-David

Senior artist with international reputation, best known for large-scale public projects. These are two-dimensional sculptures that create three-dimensional illusions. Bringing together animals, plants and human beings as if on the pages of an encyclopaedia, these visual motifs express the tricks and illusions that occur in the shadow of science. It is as if the illustrations in a book had stepped out of the page, producing a clash between reality and illusion and raising doubts about rationality and science, manís impact on the environment, and universal issues of topical interest.

Zadok Ben-David, Tree 1 Zadok Ben-David, Innerscapes Zadok Ben-David, Blackfield Zadok Ben-David, Tree 2 Zadok Ben-David, Tree 3

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Tree 3, 2008, painted stainless steel and perspex, artists proof 2 of 3, image courtesy the artist..
Zadok Ben-David, Tree 3