Artist / Toby Christian

(nominated by Tania Kovats) “Like a comedian owning a new joke or an inventive magician perfecting a trick, TC continues to stand on his stage and make magic. Christian employs slight of hand with matter, pulling off the simplest of sculptural performances - one thing turned into another. A moment of perplexity becomes fixed and immutable, formed after his long walk in a Borges labyrinthine Garden of Forking Paths. Christian is always aware of the infinite possibilities that a single fixed step eliminates. His works contain the considerable filtration of thought necessary to achieve such deceptively simple works. A carved stone snowball; an impossibly flaccid nail; a pencil line drawing of a line - solidified gestures of an intelligent magician at work.” Tania Kovats

Toby Christian, Finger Toby Christian, New Potato Toby Christian, Plinth (I) (detail) Toby Christian, Plinth (I) Toby Christian, Snowball Toby Christian, Superman Toby Christian, Paddle

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Paddle, 2007, polymer resin, 3 of 3 (+ 2 AP), 120 x 17 x 8cm, image courtesy the artist..
Toby Christian, Paddle