Artist / Tim Knowles

Tim Knowles builds sophisticated installations and gadgets that rely on chance, time, and spontaneous events to create drawings. For these works the artist set his camera on long exposure and positioned it on raised ground in a rural location in the dead of night. His journey across this landscape is picked out by the flare of the torch he carries. The resulting ‘drawing’ is a dramatic visualisation of this event, where the artist appears only fleetingly as a ghost like after image. Current commission by the Contemporary Art Society for the Economist Plaza.

Tim Knowles, Hydra Triptych #1 Tim Knowles, Wolf Moon on Serpentine #2 Tim Knowles, Nightwalk #2 Tim Knowles, Nightwalk #3 Tim Knowles, Nightwalk #1

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Nightwalk #1, 2008, C-Type print, 60 x 90cm, image courtesy the artist..
Tim Knowles, Nightwalk #1