Artist / Tim Head

"In a similar spirit to my work using digital programs, the drawings I make focus on inherent physical properties of the drawing medium. Unlike the remote precision of the digital programs the drawings carry the nervous rhythms and seismic waverings of the hand made. Using the restrictions of a limited range of standardised materials each drawing adopts a fundamental drawing procedure. The drawing emerges on the paper through the gradual accumulation of this procedure. The drawings do not set out to represent or reproduce anything but are solely the direct outcome of their material components and the particular manner of their making. Over a certain duration the drawings come to rest at different densities of activity." Tim Head

Tim Head, Slow Life (Lines No.3 A4) Tim Head, Slow Life (Web No.6 A4)

Slow Life (Web No.6 A4), 2003, ink on paper, 51 x 68.5cm (framed), image courtesy the artist..
Tim Head, Slow Life (Web No.6 A4)