Artist / Simon Cunningham

Cunningham was awarded a Distinction from RCA Photography in 2007 and subsequently participating in many projects and shows around Europe. These photographic works and dvd explore issues at the heart of his practice – an interest in influential historical works particularly with reference to gesture (Courbet inspired the ‘Wrestlers’ for example), and the suggestive potential of an image, where the careful articulation of formal elements give potent emotional depth to the work.

Simon Cunningham, Mollymuddle Simon Cunningham, Mollymuddles Simon Cunningham, The Wrestlers (2002, 2005) 2007

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The Wrestlers (2002, 2005) 2007, 2007, oak framed C-type prints ( + museum glass), 73.5 x 128.2cm (total wall space), image courtesy the artist..
Simon Cunningham, The Wrestlers (2002, 2005) 2007