Artist / Sara MacKillop

Sara MacKillop takes ordinary things - paperback books, clip frames and used envelopes - and very quietly transforms them into objects of wonder and reflection. There is no trickery or illusion in her work. She is interested in an investigation of found objects and in what they can signify. Much of her work takes objects that are dense with information - books, records or jigsaws - and by manipulating them she replaces their specific information with a blank surface. Solo exhibition in Leicester May 08 showing floor based backs of jigsaw puzzles.

Sara MacKillop, 2 Discs Sara MacKillop, 3 Discs Sara MacKillop, Pages (black top) Sara MacKillop, Pages (group)

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Pages (group), 2006, Book pages, frame. This is a group work of five pieces in total, 33 x 43cm, courtesy the artist..
Sara MacKillop, Pages (group)