Artist / Salvatore Arancio

Born in Italy and based in London, Arancio exhibits new photo etchings of landscape featuring volcanoes and vegetation, where dramatic environmental events have been manipulated to eclipse nineteenth century engravings. The film animation - simple and cyclic - opens out his practice from printmaking.

Salvatore Arancio, A Large Cinder Cone Throws out a Column of Sulphurous Vapours Salvatore Arancio, Beneath a Solid Sea Submerged Craters Emit Paroxysmal Outbursts of Boiling Sulfurous Mud Salvatore Arancio, A Series of Potent Fountain Geysers Shutter a Vast Ice Field Salvatore Arancio, Suddenly formed Crater emits Flames and Volumes of Stifling Gases Salvatore Arancio, A Fiery Throat Expels a Constant Flow of Incandescent and Viscous Magma Salvatore Arancio, Ancient Seacliff Eroded and Pierced at its Base by Sea Worn Caves Fronted by a Lava Column Eight Feet High Salvatore Arancio, Contour of the Mountain Following its Collapse Salvatore Arancio, SKELL II (still)

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SKELL II (still), 2007, video animation, edition 1 of 3, 1 min 42 sec, image courtesy the artist..
Salvatore Arancio, SKELL II (still)