Artist / Sally Osborn

“I make specific sculptural installations from malleable and salvaged materials including aluminium foil, recycled wood and cast wax. Testing the limits and possibilities of each work within the gallery space, responding intuitively to parameters contained within each context, the work transforms into a part scene or set. Ideas contained within the work do not reveal themselves directly; I’m interested in moments of cognition that occur contextually and the viewer’s psychological response.” Sally Osborn. These works use hot wax as the primary media, onto which drawing and colour are added.

Sally Osborn, (Berlin) Blank Spots Sally Osborn, Column Sally Osborn, Column (detail) Sally Osborn, We Heard Sally Osborn, OH HA HMM (detail) Sally Osborn, OH HA HMM (installation detail) Sally Osborn, Sally Osborn, Lounger

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Lounger, 2007, Recycled wood, cast wax, courtesy the artist..
Sally Osborn, Lounger