Artist / Ruth Claxton

Found objects and images are the raw material of her practice. Claxton’s adaptations enhance and exaggerate the character of each. Postcards are cut, collaged and perforated. Bronze and ceramic ornaments are bequeathed new identities with the addition of brilliant strips of silk, organza and taffeta. Groups of figures are arranged on mirorred surfaces disrupting our field of vision, switching between positive and negative, surface and reflection. Solo show at Ikon Birmingham April 2008.

Ruth Claxton, Lands End (Brown Eyed Dandy) Ruth Claxton, Lands End (Brown Eyed Dandy) (detail)

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Lands End (Brown Eyed Dandy) (detail), 2007, painted steel, glass, mirror, vinyl, found ceramic ornament, fimo, 65 x 30 x 30cm, image courtesy the artist..
Ruth Claxton, Lands End (Brown Eyed Dandy) (detail)