Artist / Rannva Kunoy

Rannva Kunoy is a Faroese artist based in London who came to our attention when her paintings were shown for the first time in the UK in ‘Handsome Young Doctor – A Show about Trust’ curated by Tom Morton for Cubitt Gallery in 2007. RK’s work draws on the competing traditions of high modernism and sci-fi illustration to depict fleeting glances of ephemeral figures in a state of coming into being. Following the Cubitt show there has been increasing interest in this artist’s work.

Rannva Kunoy, From Behind Rannva Kunoy, Schuss du kleines Scheisstierchen

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Schuss du kleines Scheisstierchen, 2007, acrylic on linen, 120 x 150cm, image courtesy the artist..
Rannva Kunoy, Schuss du kleines Scheisstierchen