Artist / Nathalie Guinamard

"I am interested in using a medium associated with editing and erasing for creation". Both Boulevard and Canyon explore this process of deletion as a creative process by removing one element of an external environment. "In my larger installation work I have been exploring the relationship between interior and exterior and the disruption of scale and architecture. My other line of enquiry is collage, using wit and playful imagery. The eyes in Pop-Eye act as a repetitive element suggesting an idea of spectators. The repetition of one kind of image acts to highlight natural variation. The pins are reminiscent of the method of displaying butterfly collections, preciously presented in a clear display case"

Nathalie Guinamard, Butterflies Nathalie Guinamard, Pop-eye Nathalie Guinamard, Snookered Nathalie Guinamard, The Money Tree Nathalie Guinamard, Untitled 1 Nathalie Guinamard, Untitled 2 Nathalie Guinamard, Untitled 3

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Untitled 3, 2007, collage, 28 x 23cm (framed), image courtesy the artist..
Nathalie Guinamard, Untitled 3