Artist / Matt Franks

“The intensification of common dumb cartoon imagery is at the heart of Matt Frank’s sculptures. Taking conventional, reduced, two-dimensional renderings of images such as skulls, nuclear bomb explosions, swirls and vortexes, Franks solidifies these graphic simplifications into three-dimensional forms in ludicrously bright acidic or pastel colours. Composited into intricate, near Baroque, comical and outlandish objects. Franks’s sculptures don’t seem to be depictions of either straight-forwardly inanimate things nor of creatures in their own right. Rather they seem to be bodies that lie somewhere between the two, hybrids with their own mysterious exuberance” Suhail Malik

Matt Franks, Bellicose Sentinel

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Bellicose Sentinel, image courtesy the artist..
Matt Franks, Bellicose Sentinel