Artist / Margarita Gluzberg

“There is no single-point perspective here, the drawings encouraging the viewer to get up close. At this point image ceases to exist as illusion and materializes as thick areas of graphite. This insistence on dual actuality, whereby the pieces exist as image but also as matter, is the greatest strength of Margarita Gluzberg’s slippery surfaces. (Her) drawings pinpoint this very Postmodern kind of desire, striving for a liminal space in which metaphor and materiality are confused. This space is one of desire and therefore also one of absence. It is this spatial confusion.that lies beneath the oneiric surfaces of Gluzberg’s ludic drawings” Sam Thorne, frieze, issue 108.

Margarita Gluzberg, North Margarita Gluzberg, Pox Box Tuesday Margarita Gluzberg, Pox Box Wednesday Margarita Gluzberg, Weekend

Weekend, 2007, colour pencil on paper, 82 x 62cm (framed), image courtesy the artist..
Margarita Gluzberg, Weekend