Artist / Layla Curtis

A classic Curtis work – an original drawing on draft paper for her London Underground Commission – the edition of 25,000 was handed out at main line stations. It is an intricately drawn A-Z map that is, on closer inspection, completely fictitious. Curtis strapped herself and her camera to the table and chair when everyone else had gone to bed in order to film a bowl of tomato soup on a ship on a rough Antarctic sea during her trip with the British Antarctic Survey. ‘The soup’s visual parity with the moon reminds us that it is precisely the lunar forces creating the swell of the tides that is causing this movement in the first place.’ A cyclic work - premiered in her recent solo show at New Art Gallery Walsall.

Layla Curtis, Layla Curtis

Layla Curtis, ink on tracing paper, image courtesy the artist..
Layla Curtis, Layla Curtis