Artist / Kieren Reed

With the installation, ‘Why can’t you go back home forever and let me be’, Kieren Reed fabricated a perfect pastiche of a 1960s recording booth. Although identical in design and structure, the original purpose was denied; the interior of the stall remained empty except for a mirror reflecting back at the viewer. Set within the frame of the gallery space and dislocated from its intended function it stood as a beautifully crafted Minimalist sculpture. For ARTfutures we have the related artefacts and documentary ephemera displayed in immaculate vitrines. Original blank vinyl discs and recordings made in similar booths over the last 50 years an documentation drawn from Graham Greene’s novel, Brighton Rock and Jean-Luc Goddard’s film Masculine Feminine - both feature recording booths. By mimicking methods of museum display, Reed elevates their status as objects for visual scrutiny whilst stifling their intended sensory roles – that of listening, watching and reading.

Kieren Reed, Untitled (Lamp Sculpture II)

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Untitled (Lamp Sculpture II), 2007, wood, glass, 20 x 20 x 50cm, courtesy the artist..
Kieren Reed, Untitled (Lamp Sculpture II)