Artist / Keith Wilson

“The ‘stele’ works begin with totemic pressured metal bars forged, rolled and then rendered in giant form with a PU elastomer coating. These two very simple processes, the hitting and the rolling, each of which apply pressure to the bar of hot steel, produce an asymmetrical squeezed effect as well as producing extruded ‘ears’ at the top, where the original bar corners were. This collision of the organic with the man-made initially reminded me of calligraphic standing stones without the inscriptions – hence ‘stele’… The use of vibrant colour serves to draw people to something which begs to be given a name - even the pronunciation of stele is up for grabs…creating a need for a nickname. But the process also places the work in conversation with New Generation sculptors of the sixties, especially with the painted steel works that appeared to promise to be forever freshly painted, forever new. The twist here is that through time, these stele works will lose their gloss, the pigment will fade and the surface will pit – it will be as if they gradually turn to stone.” Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson, Small Blue Stele, Small Red Stele Keith Wilson, Odd Sock Work Keith Wilson, Odd Sock Work Keith Wilson, Red Stele with Black Rock

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Red Stele with Black Rock, 2007, PU elastomer, steel, foam, polystyrene, 85 x 395 x 75cm, image courtesy the artist..
Keith Wilson, Red Stele with Black Rock