Artist / Giles Eldridge

Eldridge’s output is prolific. Drawings, paintings and collages are then gathered into groups of images that finally comprise one work. ‘Nouveau Roman’ refers to the French author Alain Robbe-Grillet a theorist, and film director whose work contained little dialogue, no character development and resisted a chronological view of time. “Each individual piece contributes to a fragmented and continual body of works without denying the autonomy or aesthetic qualities of the individual painting or drawing. In this sense the significance of each work is contingent. It is this contingency that I am particularly interested in since it contradicts the historical singularity of the idea of Painting with a supposed notion of truth. Painting is on a slippery surface where it can be utilised to almost any end. If this is accepted then no other absolute claims can be made for it. This assertion this does not destroy its aesthetic quality, it extends the possibility for Painting.” Giles Eldridge

Giles Eldridge, Alain Giles Eldridge, Amin Giles Eldridge, Lord Lucan

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Lord Lucan, 2007, Mixed media on paper, 100 x 130cm..
Giles Eldridge, Lord Lucan