Artist / Darren Banks

These drawings relate to sculptures and films where domestic realities become cloaked with fantastical possibilities, everyday objects chase dreams and aspirations, yet they fail to achieve the miraculous, and we are returned to the inanimate object viewed from an ambiguous and comical vantage point. “The word ‘blob’ conjures a specific image, an indistinct or shapeless form, or a soft lump of something such as paint or glue. I use ‘blob’ to suggest a passive ambiguity, a fear of the unknown, something that could be seen as a threat, a menacing creature with no regard for rationalization, something happy to exist without logical explanation.” Darren Banks

Darren Banks, Blob 15 Darren Banks, Blob 14 Darren Banks, Blob 16

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Blob 16, 2008, pen on paper, 594 x 841mm (framed), image courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery..
Darren Banks, Blob 16