Artist / Clunie Reid

“These two pieces made for ARTfutures make use of collage as a device for presenting photo-collages that have previously either been framed as they are or printed as large photocopies and/or inkjet prints and installed directly onto the wall. These new pieces are a way to get back to a more hands-on approach to making, where the material plays a part in the final object as opposed to disappearing into the photographic image through digital reproduction. The photographic images are taken from television. The texts are all clichés – well-known and topical, raising questions about value in Art and the relationship of the work to the viewer, questioning in an aggressive manner. The objects are deliberately crude and inelegant and made up of varyingly vulgar jokes - taking the idea of the badly mounted photograph to an extreme where it might achieve its own special charm…”

Clunie Reid, I Find Her Work a Bit Confused Clunie Reid, National Institution, Misplaced Deference

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National Institution, Misplaced Deference, 2008, mixed media, 103 x 54cm, image courtesy the artist..
Clunie Reid, National Institution, Misplaced Deference