Artist / Charles Avery

Working across a range of media, Avery’s art presents a complex fusion of philosophical enquiry and playfully inventive characterisation, executed with a distinctive and commanding style. His most high-profile work to date is his ongoing ‘Islanders’ project, in which he has described in drawing, paint, sculpture and text the topology and cosmology of an imaginary island, in part inspired by his childhood living on the remote west coast of Scotland.

Charles Avery, Coscienza Diptych Charles Avery, Untitled (The perils of eating a third Henderson's Egg) Charles Avery, Henderson's Eggs Charles Avery, Untitled (Timewatchers playing bagatelle)

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Untitled (Timewatchers playing bagatelle), 2007, pencil and gouache on paper, 62.5 x 65cm (framed), image courtesy the artist..
Charles Avery, Untitled (Timewatchers playing bagatelle)