Artist / Ana Prada

Spanish artist Ana Prada arranges mass-produced, commonplace objects into wall-based structures. Placed in flat planes, clinging to the wall, these arrangements reference the geometric forms found in hard edge abstract painting. The objects operate in two planes - from a distance the repeating patterns form intricate arabesques or sprawling geometric grids giving little clue as to the origin of the repeated shapes and objects. On closer inspection the viewer is able to identify the constituent parts - whether several hundred tea bags, plastic straws or pencil sharpeners - which are clearly at odds with the overall form. The domesticity and intimacy associated with everyday tools contrasts the impersonal abstraction that is created out of obsessive repetition.

Ana Prada, A Feminine Touch (Nail and Bag) Ana Prada, A Feminine Touch (Red Nail Files and Plasters) Ana Prada, A FeminineTouch (Comb and Brush) Ana Prada, Untitled Ana Prada, Untitled

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Untitled, 2007, plasticine and plastic, height 8cm, image courtesy the artist and Seventeen Gallery..
Ana Prada, Untitled