Artist / Leo

Leo uses video, sculpture installation, text, photography and painting and first made banners during a residency in Barnsley in 2004, ‘To commemorate the 1984-85 miners strike and the mining communities of Barnsley’. He listed the names of all the local pits that were closed down. For many people in the community, this banner became a commemorative object for a lost tradition and culture, a portable memorial that keeps a notion of loss and historical change in the public realm. In his series ‘The Trouble With People’ he uses twigs and pressed flowers. They might be pages out of a herbarium, with faint pencil notes under each plant – until one reads them. Each page is inscribed with the title and their consecutive number in the top left corner, each plant is marked with these sometimes very personal ‘troubles’: “They have nowhere to go”, “They have nowhere else to go” and “They should get out more”.

 Leo, Lost Leaders  Leo, The Future  Leo, The Trouble With People No.16  Leo, Trying to Say  Leo, Twig Study - Spider

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Twig Study - Spider, 2008, twig, pencil on paper, 38 x 53cm, image courtesy the artist..
 Leo, Twig Study - Spider