Artist / David Kefford

David Kefford is an East Anglian artist with a studio at Wysing Arts, Cambridge. His work holds a strong visual link between sculpture and drawing. Ordinary or discarded objects are often the starting point. These are then manipulated and reconfigured using lo-tech processes to produce sculpture with surreal and absurd sensibility. Kefford works on paper use art and non-art materials including watercolour, graphite, ink, felt-tip, baby oil and toothpaste.

 David Kefford, Black Hole with Teeth  David Kefford, Wall flower  David Kefford, Expulsion  David Kefford, Magnetism  David Kefford, The Cut  David Kefford, Touching

Touching, 2007, drum sticks, foam, wire, red cotton, cocktail sticks, wooden balls, 20 x 50 x 16cm, courtesy the artist..
 David Kefford, Touching